Gift promotion PE bubble material sun block


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reduce the sun rays on the car directly material quality: EPE pearl cotton, bubble, PE foam; According to customer request use which material gauge: 130 cm * 60 cm, suitable for all kinds of five cars use; Type: according to the customer request custom specifications size design color LOGO printing, etc all can according to customer request package installs: PVC bag or OPP bag; Can decide according to the customer request the product description: the summer light make berth car inside temperature rise sharply, as the hot steam, is almost unbearable! Using this product can make the car temperature drops 8 to 10 degrees, and can effectively reduce the interior aging too much direct sunlight, beautiful appearance generous, bright colors, and strong advertising performance, good advertisement carrier, advertisers, promotion, the product of choice Method of use: parking when will this product in the file inside of the glass, use the attached chuck fixed in front and back windshield If the suction cup deformation due to the packaging, can be placed in boiling water, can recover

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